Dua Posters

Below are a selection of posters which can be printed and placed around the home.


  • Dua for Istikhara

Dua for Istikhara

  •  Dua before and after eating

Dua Before and After Eating

  • Dua before intercourse

Dua before Intercourse

  •  Dua for entering and leaving the home

Dua for Entering and Leaving the Home

  • Dua for looking in the mirror

Dua for looking in the Mirror

  •  Dua for pain in the body

Dua for Pain in the Body

  •  Dua for protection of children

Dua for protection of Children

  •  Dua for Qunoot

Dua for Qunoot

  • Dua for using the bathroom

Dua for Using the Bathrrom

  •  Dua for when it rains

Dua for when it Rains

  •  Dua for when sneezing

Dua for when Sneezing

  •  Dua for when you are afraid

Dua for when you are Afraid

  •  Dua for worry and grief

Dua for Worry and Grief

  • Dua to foil the devils plot

Dua to Foil the Devils Plot

  •  Dua when afflicted by misfortune

Dua when Afflcited by Misfortune

  •  Dua when going to sleep & after sleep

Dua when going to Sleep & After Salah

  •  Dua when mounting a vehicle 

Dua when Mountain a Vehicle

  •  Dua when waking up

Dua when Waking up